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Here's what people are saying about Perpetual Power:

A power outage definitely used to affect our business, not only knocking our phones out, but also causing file corruption in the computer systems. Not any more! In September, in an outage lasting over 4 hours, our new PERPETUAL POWER kept 5 computers, our fax machine and phone system up and running with no down time, not even a blink! When another outage of 10 hours occurred, it made me a confirmed believer. -Mr. T. M., President, USBW, Pleasantville, New York

This is a great new house we had built but being on rock and in the woods like this, I wanted to be sure to protect my investment. PERPETUAL POWER provided a measure of uninterruptible labor-free protection unavailable otherwise. -Mr. D,W., Purchase, New York

Our finished basement is is my Grandchildren’s space, appropriately carpeted, not formal as the upstairs is but the kids can play here independent of the adults area. My PERPETUAL POWER keeps the pressure relief pump system working for them here so they’re comfortable no matter what.” -Mr. G.M., Harrison, New York

I already have a generator, but the drawback is that I have to be home to start it and to keep it running. I’ve had some bad experiences and some sad losses. I needed to be able to stay at my vacation home in Nantucket without concern. My PERPETUAL POWER does the job … automatically.” -Dr. J.H., Briarcliff, New York

Soon after we moved into our home, my husband was very disappointed to find water on the floor in what he expected to make into his “BLUE ROOM” for his NY Giants collection; to make sure everything stayed working in adverse conditions, we choose to have our PERPETUAL POWER unit custom installed. My husband’s plans for the “BLUE ROOM” are back on track now.” -Mrs. L.R., White Plains, New York

”Oh, that thing” replied Mr M. of Greenwich, Connecticut, when asked how his new PERPETUAL POWER model 3100 was working. We weren’t anticipating exactly that type of response, but in continuing he said that “power went out (in last weeks’ storm) and since there was so much rain at the same time, I was concerned about my newly finished basement staying dry. It was a wonderful thing to see (by the light of my flashlight) that the pump was actively cycling, while the rest of the house was still. What bad timing. I was planning to take a trip and couldn’t reschedule it. I didn’t have a choice, I left; when I was able to come back, 2 days later, I was glad that the pump system had evidently continued to work in spite of the outage. Now I won’t have to worry about my house as I have in the past, but just in case the outage lasts longer, take my order for the 1800 (additional reserve time) unit, so that I can take an extended trip when I want to.” (P.S. The model 1800 has now been installed…we really appreciated that we made such a difference to this customer.)

My electrician added a new circuit breaker panel and somehow missed re-installing a critical wire to parts of the basement. The next day I discovered it when the lights were out down there but then was puzzled when I heard my sump-pump going on… I thought: ‘how could that be working if the power is out?‘ I realized then that my PERPETUALPOWER unit took over when the power failed for over 15 hours…I would have absolutely had a flood to deal with otherwise...this proved to me that my investment was worthwhile and I’m not mad at my electrician...Mrs. RS, Scarsdale, New York

Last year, in a long storm outage, I had a $70,000 loss that was not covered by insurance…I couldn’t afford another such loss and didn’t want to do without the important space, so I had a large capacity #4100 PERPETUALPOWER unit with daisy-chained cells hardwired to prevent such a loss from ever occurring again, and they backed it up for me by wiring to enable my generator to take over if it ever had to.….Mr. JH, Hartsdale, NY

I had an 8,000 watt model 8100 PERPETUALPOWER unit installed with a ‘hybrid diesel alternator’ to keep critical household functions going when there is a power outage…the automatic alternator keeps the cells charged and my home running no matter how long the outage lasts…Mr. NV, Scarsdale, NY

My husband needs his oxygen concentrator all the time so we had PERPETUALPOWER install a unit large enough to keep the concentrator, a refrigerator and some lights going no matter what…their ‘Automatic-Hybrid-Alternator’ extends the time indefinitely and their people were as nice and helpful as I’ve ever met… Mrs. RC, Greenburgh, NY

perpetual power

Fully Automatic Power Source

When it Absolutely, Positively MUST Operate!

Perpetual Power operates existing equipment during an outage for as long as needed.
Replaces obsolete 12V Back-Up Systems and is a safe, quick & clean alternative to generators.


Perpetual Power will run: Sump Pumps, Household Appliances, Microwave Ovens, Oil or Gas Heating Systems, Complete Computer Systems, Business Phones and Fax, Burglar Alarms, Well Water Pump, Garage Door Openers and more. Businesses can remain open during power outages by keeping their lights on and running necessary equipment.

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