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perpetual power



perpetual power

Last year, in a long storm outage, I had a $70,000 loss that was not covered by insurance…I couldn’t afford another such loss and didn’t want to do without the important space, so I had a large capacity #4100 PERPETUAL POWER unit with daisy-chained cells hardwired to prevent such a loss from ever occurring again, and they backed it up for me by wiring to enable my generator to take over if it ever had to. -Mr. J.H., Hartsdale, NY

My husband needs his oxygen concentrator all the time so we had P
ERPETUAL POWER install a unit large enough to keep the concentrator, a refrigerator and some lights going no matter what…their ‘Automatic-Hybrid-Alternator’ extends the time indefinitely and their people were as nice and helpful as I’ve ever met. -Mrs. R.C.,Greenburgh, NY

I already have a generator, but the drawback is that I have to be home to start it and to keep it running.  I needed to be able to stay at my vacation home in Nantucket without concern. My PERPETUAL POWER does the job … automatically.  - Dr. J.H., Briarcliff, New York

Soon after we moved into our home, my husband was very disappointed to find water on the floor in what he expected to make into his “BLUE ROOM” for his NY Giants collection; to make sure everything stayed working in adverse conditions, we choose to have PERPETUAL POWER‘s custom installed. My husband’s plans for the “BLUE ROOM” are back on
track now.
-Mrs. L.R., White Plains, New York


perpetual power unit

Fully Automatic Start

No Noise, No Smell, No Fuel Required



  • MINIMAL Installation: Simply Plug-in or Hard-Wire;  (It has it’s own transfer switch) Leave on duty!

  • Larger more expensive units need a concrete pad outside the building and inside it’s own shed, hard- wired to a transfer switch. A fuel supply must be arranged

  • Fully AUTOMATIC start; Always on Duty

  • Smaller units: Pull out of garage/shed, physically prepare it.
    All units:Make sure fuel is fresh and battery is OK; Check the oil & water

  • Constantly MONITORS input power, ready instantly

  • Must be “exercised” monthly to be certain it will run when needed

  • Only 2 Millsecond transfer to its StoredEnergyBank when a loss of power-company power is sensed.

  • No instantaneous response... Lapse of voltage before it is operational & generator gains speed and stabilizes  

  • Will RUN equipment on your absence

  • Pull-Start or crank; person must physically be there and alert  

  • Automatically Recharges EnergyStorageCells when power comes back on. Can be sized to run as long as needed.

  • Shut down to refuel  

  • NO FUEL AT ALL. . .Operates for pennies per hour

  • Gasoline must be stored in cans for refueling time. Uses a great deal of fuel.

  • NO NOISE…useful for offices, residences, resorts, restaurants. Can be a completely integrated part of everyday life

  • Because of the noise and pollution some communities ban generators


  • Smoke and fumes require outside running even in bad weather

  • SOLID-STATE circuitry…No moving parts. No engine to wear or to service

  • Routine maintenance is a must! Change oil & gas rebuild engine periodically; Replacement parts extremely difficult to obtain

  • Extremely Long Life, Solid state MOSFET technology

  • Not designed for small loads. Low level running shortens Generators life by excessive carbon build-up on valves

  • Reliable, Steady AC output. Will run hard-to-start and/or sensitive electronic equipment

  • Variable speed can burn out refrigerator or other motors

  • Can run even SENSITIVE electronic equipment, such as a room full of computers or PBX phone systems

  • Not stable enough to run electronic systems. Clocks must be reset, computers would crash, electric motors can burn out

As you can see there are many advantages to using Perpetual Power and it is truly better than a generator in so many way.

Contact us today to find out which unit is best for your needs.

PERPETUAL POWER’S USEFULNESS goes beyond a generator….It’s safe, it’s quiet, it doesn’t smell, it’s reliable, it’s smart, it costs less, it lasts longer, it’s seamless, it will operate existing equipment without any input from you, automatically.


With Perpetual Power you won't go without power
just because the power goes out.