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perpetual power

Our new PERPETUAL POWER kept five computers, our fax machine and phone system up and running with no down time, not even a blink! -Mr. T. M., President, USBW, Pleasantville,
New York

My electrician added a new circuit breaker panel and somehow missed re-installing a critical wire to parts of the basement. The next day I discovered it when the lights were out down there but then was puzzled when I heard my sump-pump going on… I thought: ‘how could that be working if the power is out?‘ I realized then that my P
ERPETUAL POWER unit took over when the power failed for over 15 hours…I would have absolutely had a flood to deal with otherwise...this proved to me that my investment was worthwhile and I’m not mad at my electrician.
-Mrs. R.S., Scarsdale, New York

perpetual power
optional diesel alternator

Gives You Calm During the Storm

Will Pay for Itself the First Time Power is Lost

HOW IT WORKS: Your unit provides normal 110VAC from the power company as available. It will automatically switch to provide AC power, as converted from the Cel bank(s), when it senses a loss of input condition occurring in a power outage.

Each unit will automatically re-pack the Cel bank after any emergency, when the line-power is restored, and will maintain the charge by sensing voltages lower than 14.4Vdc, replenishing the lost charge, and then cycling in a maintenance mode appropriately to prevent over-charging.


The LED bar graph meters give you instant feedback on BANK voltage and current. You know what's happening to your electrical system at all times.

Should the power outage emergency last longer than the BANK reserve call your Perpetual Power salesman to order a Model 1800w/s (bank-set w/selector switch) ... this increases your use time with a 450 minute reserve rating (depending on system, 180 or 230 AmpHrs @ 20Hrs) system and can be switched on if the prime bank is depleted. Model 2800w/s increases your use time by another 70% by doubling up the CEL BANKS. To ensure almost infinite reserve, order our HYBRID DIESEL ALTERNATOR...this senses when the cels voltage reserve becomes diminished and starts to automatically replenish the cels during the continued outage; it cycles as needed.

alternator housing

Perpetual Power is truly a break through.
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